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  • High-speed

    金沙145娱乐网Brand new design boosts machine's speed

  • Accuracy

    Twenty years experiences ensures high precision on manufacturing

  • Flexibilty

    Modular design meets unique requirment

  • Stability

    Independent intellectual property focuses on stability

  • Safety

    EMV and Unionpay certified manufacturer.

Product introduction

Window Inserting Machine

金沙145娱乐网Picking & placing filler material

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Half-auto Collating Machine

Manually loading the sheets for machine to collate

Detailed >>

MS90 All-in-One Desk Terminal

Small and fast desk terminal

Detailed >>

Social Security Card Issuance

Convenient and rapid social security card issuing machine

Detailed >>

Self-service Card Issuing & Distributing Combined Machine

金沙145娱乐网Combined self-service terminal and instant card issuing module

Detailed >>

MSP50 Instant Card Issuer

金沙145娱乐网A small cabinet card issuer

Detailed >>

Smart Factory

金沙145娱乐网Samrt manufacturing system

Detailed >>

Laser Marking Machine

金沙145娱乐网Low power laser marking machine

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contact US

Contact Us

Telephone:86-20-3709 4830


Address:Building 1-5, No. 500,Guangshan 1st Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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